A Letter From The Operator Of Proposed Towanda Crematory

Mr. White,
Thank you for taking the time and doing your own research into the issues at hand. We very much appreciate someone who is willing to be impartial and present the facts to the communities we serve. My name is Shawn Snyder and I am one half of the partnership that owns Heritage Funeral Home in Andover and El Dorado. I have been a licensed funeral director and embalmer for 14 years and was working in the industry for 4 years prior to that as I finished my schooling. I was also a manufacturer licensed crematory operator before the state of Kansas began requiring crematory operators to  be licensed through the state. My business partners are Corey and Sherry Hagemeister who have been in the communities of Butler county for 40 years. We are all very supportive donors of many of the non profit groups and churches in our communities. We opened Heritage Funeral Home because we all had a vision of caring for families better than the corporate funeral homes were back then so we founded Heritage and opened our doors in Andover in 2005. Around 2010 there were many members of the El Dorado community that were hoping for other options for services in town; as the local funeral homes were owned jointly by a corporation in Houston, TX; so we opened a small office and have since expanded to our own building and chapel that is renovated from the original machine shop in town. Our proposed expansion into Towanda will be a crematory of which we are planning to purchase brand new state of the art, top of the line equipment.
We have scheduled an informational meeting for Thursday, June 22 at the United Methodist Church as you well know. We are hoping to introduce ourselves to the community and visit with them about who we are, why we’re here and why we’ve chosen Towanda.
In addition I want to give you some of the information that we will have available to the citizens and the city officials on thursday night and at the hearing in July. We will also have a book that shows the location of every crematory licensed by the state of Kansas.(all of which are in towns and located adjacent to residential neighborhoods, schools and shopping areas)
CANA (Cremation Association of North America) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) jointly funded a 1999 study — the most recent one they’ve conducted — that tested crematory emissions over a seven-day period at the Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York. The tests showed evidence that crematories are capable of low emissions without the addition of pollution equipment and that higher temperatures can increase pollutants, according to the CANA study.
This document is from Pima County, Arizona. Page 3, paragraph 2 speaks to Mercury Emissions
This is a study done by Ensafe for Spring Hill, TN., page 24 gives their conclusions.

Mercury Spring Hill Modeling Report | Air Pollution | Cremation

EnSafe was engaged by the City of Spring Hill, Tennessee to review and document relevant scientific, engineering…
This is from the State of Georgia Department of Public Health, Page 1, paragraph 5 speaks to the EPA’s stance on cremations.
Thank you again for taking your time, being impartial and presenting the facts as they are.
Shawn N. Snyder
Heritage Funeral Home

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